Edith Head

Being the woman with the most Academy Awards to her name, Edith Head deserves a bit of attention.   (And no, her google headline today isn’t enough) Along with her long coveted and prized series of books which describe the best way to dress for certain occasion (such as how to dress for your man, for your job, for your cocktail party, etc), she is one of the most celebrated costume /fashion designers – so much so, that she was the key (if not only) inspiration for The Incredibles Edna Mode (which, in my opinion, is the most flattering accomplishment a person can get…)



She worked closely with such stars as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor as well as a favorite of Alfred Hitchcock.

WinningCrepeAndLeatherCS TopasCS IMG_5458 11535803_1 8632499_4 74091-bfb3e-18829787- 74091-afac2-18829710-m750x740 74091-af1b4-18829844- 74091-10f10-18829714-m750x740 74091-4b9a9-18829760- 74091-3ca95-18829936- 2293_1_lg 2010-10-20-EdithHeadAudrey  05_head_grace-kelly


As if her bangs weren't enough to let us know she was legit.

As if her bangs weren’t enough to let us know she was legit.


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