Ellen Jewett

Such beautiful creations from an artist entirely dedicated to her craft – some of the best artists are those who refuse to let typical education limit what they can do. Instead of only learning how to sculpt, Ellen has become highly educated in every manner in which to strengthen her craft: from biology to anthropology to fine art and narrative. If you want to do something as creative and out-of-the-box as these sculptures are, you kind of have to create your own playbook.

The details are quite stunning in these pieces, but for me it is the sheer imagination of the work that is entirely appealing. The magical realism in this is touching, tempting you to take these real-world ideas and throw them into a world of make believe.  She works in mixed media, never allowing a medium to dictate what she can or cannot do. They are a stunning collection of facts and imagination.

4 blueheron burden5 river_otter_by_creaturesfromel-d50b9ye Sculpture Sample 1 - Ellen Jewett Sculpture Sample 4 - Ellen Jewett




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