Robert Genn

Robert Genn is one of the most well known Canadian painters still living today. He is the founder of Painter’s Keys, a website which sends out bi-weekly newletters to its thousands of subscribers filled with inspirational artistic quotes and tips for painters.  Though the website needs a much needed redecorating, I cannot argue with his attempt to connect artists from around the world into a stronger community.

His work, however, is beautifully unique. Though he is heralded as a modern day ‘Group of Seven’, his work is set apart by his very distinct personal style. What I love most about these pieces is how solid the shape design is. Of course most people will be drawn to his use of color, which is very saturated but works sublimely due to its correct values,  as it is one of the more recognizable aspects of his work. For me, it is the design work. You can tell because his thumbnails seem like a complete painting, and (unfortunately) when you click for a larger image, there isn’t a whole lot more to see. You can view his images 10x smaller and they would still hold up – he never gets lost in details. Though some people may be turned off by his lack of detail, for me, it is a sign of a great artist that he doesn’t need them.











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