‘Art for All’ – The newest show from Blank Space

As most of you know, Blank Space is different than most other gallery spaces. Besides the obvious, where we offer workshops and classes for enthusiasts of all levels or ages as well as our struggle to obtain a space suitable for art studios for low-income artists, we also focus our aesthetic on art that isn’t always traditionally held to belong in gallery spaces.  Though many of our artists are ‘Fine Artists’ we also play host to animators, illustrators, street artists, game designers, special effects designers, printmakers, comic artists, and many more. We do this to not only shed light on the fact that many galleries have gotten boringly similar in their taste, but also to let the art market know that this isn’t OK –  by showing such a limited view of what art can be we discourage people from accepting other forms of art as worthwhile pursuits and interests. We have a duty as artistic representatives to be that go-between for artists and buyers, and if we do this by only looking at how much our commission price is and what artist can double as a stock option we are doing the whole world a disservice.

In our next show, ‘Art for All’, Blank Space will attempt to destroy this idea that art is only for the rich or for the elite. In putting all art on such a high pedestal, we are alienating average people from ever being able to access it.  So, not only will be featuring a wide range of artists from all over the world, covering many versatile and distinct styles and mediums, but also will be selling these prints for cheap – anywhere from 100 – 1000 NOK (approximately 15 – 150 USD). We will be having both limited edition digital prints, hand printed original artworks, giclee prints and many other options suited for anyone of any financial level.  It’s about time we (artists, artistic representatives, buyers, enthusiasts, students, gallery owners, curators, etc) stop pretending that art is only interesting if it is for an elite few. Art is for all.

I will be posting a link here to this blog, as well as on all our other social media sites, to our preview list for sales. (Please, if you haven’t already, follow us on these channels as well. Click here or below for the appropriate links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Official Website)

Below are sample images of the artists we will be selling prints from. Though many of these images will be for sale, the exact images are still being decided and will most likely change. Please share this blog post with anyone you feel would be interested in this show, and let’s help show the world that we, as a group of artistically minded individuals, do not support the elitist attitude which is overwhelmingly present today.

</ rant>

Sterling Hundley


Andrew Mar


Eda Kaban


Paulina Suarez


Ben Jelter


Liz Ramsey


Tanner Griepentrog


Michał Dziekan


David Ball


Max Kostenko


BreeAnn Veenstra


Zachary Fleischer


Scott Waters


Mark Weber


Bård Henning Kvinen

konsept (8)

 Jake Kobrin


The show opens on December 20th, and the opening reception will be from 18:00 – 21:00. The show runs until January 20th. For any additional information, or for ordering / sales inquiries, please email us at blankspaceoslo@gmail.com .

Thank you to everyone who supports the arts, in all its glorious forms.

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