Nicholas Delort

Nicholas works as an illustrator (currently represented by Shannon Associates in NYC) and hails from Paris. His works is everything I love about art, and has been recognized justly by Juxtapoz, Society of Illustrators, Blizzard Entertainment, and Games Workshop. (That’s a resume that screams Liz). I’ve always been a huge pen and ink nut, as anyone will tell you who has gotten within a 5 foot radius. Some of my biggest inspirations were Joseph Clement Coll and Charles Dana Gibson in school, which led to Sergio Toppi and Jean Giraud (Moebius). But, I haven’t found any modern day ink artists that have really moved me, seeing as how Toppi and Moebius both died recently.
These images are mind blowing, and I don’t think you could find me a better artist to suit exactly my needs. Never mind that he also tempts my nerd by doing images based upon Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter (ugh, and the American Gods cover makes me drool!), these images are reminiscent of old Gustav Dore (and the Divine Comedy) and with their vibrant energy really immediately places you in the middle of the action. Check out how even the thumbnails work perfectly – and when you zoom in  you just get blasted with perfect detail. Good ink studies are a study in value, as there is no color you only get to deal with contrast and composition. I always suggest to people to do value studies to make sure the environment works in a piece, and these images really bring that point home. I also appreciate how he works in different formats- wide, tall, oblong, rhomboidal, etc. A masterful storyteller!

amgods3 amgodstitle chunli crash endoftheroad3 incalink mothersdaybig penelop-final-ink3 rumor-final-HR wickedwitch2 Witch-king-ink

You can also buy a limited edition silk screen print here:


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