Andrew Hem



The perfect contemporary painter, Andrew Hem combines flawless technique and subtle subject matters to create moving pieces that are as striking as they are brilliant. Though I will admit he has become quite comfortable with his chosen color palette (most everything is based around a turquoise blue), the underplayed changes in brush strokes, value, and temperature makes these pieces as interesting to look at the closer you get to them. His figures are stylized, at times distorted, and his surreal approach to story telling is chilling.

I especially appreciate his sketchbooks, which highlight the supreme ability that makes the illustrations possible.

33_work 35_up 38_hem6-23-11-038051-10_v2 41_hem6-23-11-038051-3 42_hem6-23-11-038051-5 44_hem6-23-11-038051-8 45_hem6-23-11-038051-7 50_studiovisitlo



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