Faraz Shanyar

Another stunning artist, Faraz Shanyar  is an incredible draftsman and concept artist. Though, like with most concept artists, I find his personal work so much more interesting. I think what drives me to be interested in these works is the process – it is so clear that he has amazing skill and  that he got there through hard work and perseverance – these are observations  based on real life that he applies to these beautiful drawings. I particularly appreciate the Klimt references in some of his comics, as so many artists want to be inspired by his work but never really know how to apply it – doing so in a sort of Sergio Toppi kind of comic is brilliant and wonderful.
He doesn’t update very often, but I highly recommend looking into his blog and DA page and just get some inspiration yourself…!
arab_warrior_by_shanyar-d4ulc8b arabs_by_shanyar-d545qyl at_perhentian__long_beach__by_shanyar-d4tmuck comic_page_no_3_by_shanyar-d4dlk1v grey_by_shanyar-d5hwa42 pee_by_shanyar-d5m4osa sketch sketchw2




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