Alessandro Gallo

Alessandro’s work is a beautiful observation on life – taking the human faces off  only dramatizes the humanity these sculptures display. The postures, clothes, settings, tattoos, body language – it is all based from careful observation on life. One of my favorite topics (not always when I’m drunk) is what life would be like if a different species adapted to be the dominant life force on Earth – which could even happen still in the next millions of years that Earth has left, and I think these raise the same question in its own way. Would dolphins feel depressed about missing a phone call from a loved one? Would a pigeon express sympathy when a child drops its ice cream? How would a giraffe fit in a public bus? Of course this is all a bit obvious of a translation, but it is fun to think this way.

Animals as people is a very quick way to get me interested, and Gallo’s technical craftsmanship keeps me there. The way he handles clothe and folds, as well as heavy body language and tense situations / moods really is stellar.

Alessandro_Gallo_African_Goose_Old_School_Tattoo_Ceramica_Scultura Alessandro_Gallo_Merlo_Black_Bird_Scultura_Ceramica_profilo Alessandro_Gallo_Scripta_Elegans_Ceramic_Sculpture Alessandro_Gallo_Turkey_Vulture_Ceramic_Sculpture Alessandro_Gallo_Under_the_Skin_Tattoo_Iguana_Alternate_Version_Ceramic_Sculpture_tattoo Gallo_Alessandro_Metro_Northern_Line_London_Underground_sculpture_installation_clay_mixed_media Gallo_Alessandro_Metro_sculpture_installation_car_detail_3 Gallo_Alessandro_Metro_sculpture_installation_northern_line_london_underground_7


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