Shan Jiang

Ooooooh Weeeeee! These are some overwhelmingly spectacular pieces here! I am a fan of graphic artists myself, and love it when people combine super immaculate drawing skills with ridiculous colors. His draftsmanship works seamlessly to create believability , so that when we see these outrageous  situations in his work we don’t question it. The outlandish colors work in harmony with these landscapes to collaboratively create a feeling of euphoria when looking at his work.  His color schemes are working hard in these images, but his sense of value backs it up.  I’m super happy he includes close-up hi-res images of his work next to the full piece, as these little details are just delicious icing on a cake – getting to really revel in the subtle textures that makes these pieces breath.  All these aspects work in solidarity to his tight compositions.

So, in general, the art is perfect.

I love that my life entails being able to look at these images and help spread the word to others that they exist. Getting to scour the depths of the internet for beautiful images and then go and say “Hey, everyone else should see this!”. We talk, discuss core artistic topics and collaborate together to make the art world a cooler and more beautiful place.
I love my job.

BA01_800 istanbul_800 london-street_800 lorposter-1_800 moonphase08_8 ride-06-01_800 Ride-8-final-copy_800 z-final-1_800


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