Man Arenas

Man Arenas is a Belgian artist who works as a environment designer, storyboard artist, concept artist, art director, production designer, and comic book producer – so, pretty much anything that involves art production. He is incredibly talented, where his drawings (even scribbles) are as solid as most artist’s masterpieces. This is an artist who knows how to design, how to be patient, and how to see a project through to the best of his ability. You can tell by the way he draws that he loves what he does, and I would take a guess that he gets as lost in his worlds as we do. You couldn’t create a world as majestic as these are without believing in it yourself.

Each piece is so narrative that you don’t need to read the entire story to understand the depth of each frame. The mood hits you instantly – you know the mood of the characters (often somber, noble, or playful), the mood of the environment (often airy or peaceful), and the idea of what is happening (often a snapshot of the character’s simple, yet stunning, life).

His characters are wonderful, of course, with spot on anatomy and flowing gestures that sweep you into the moment. But, for me, the best point about these images are his wonderful backgrounds. This man knows his color theory! Take a moment, a real moment, and try and understand the amount of detail he puts into his flora. A brief look at his tumblr reveals study after study after study of a variety of tree stumps, branches, leaf patterns, moss growth, and temperature shifts. That is how you get this good! He knows he will have to draw a lot of nature in his work, so he takes the time out to study and research his subject matter. And now just how it looks – but he gives his environments a character of their own that adds so much feeling to his people (or fauns, or unicorns…).

So, I highly recommend getting lost in his tumblr. Take the time to really analyze his method, hell, do a few master copies of his work. But better yet, go take a walk in the woods one day and try to appreciate the world as much as Man Arenas clearly does.


tumblr_msl4i5UYNy1spzxrdo1_1280 tumblr_msm4mcAols1spzxrdo2_500 tumblr_msmzuylTL51spzxrdo1_1280 tumblr_msmzz8hSQe1spzxrdo3_1280 tumblr_mz0i8f1wBB1spzxrdo1_1280 tumblr_n0higs9VvR1spzxrdo2_1280  tumblr_n3a02pTjqS1spzxrdo2_1280 tumblr_n3nb4bBCE61spzxrdo1_1280 tumblr_n102dzcAgg1spzxrdo1_1280


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