Boris Pelcer

I can’t remember how I found this artist, but alas, there he was – sitting in my folder just waiting patiently to be featured one day. Not sure what took me so long either, as his work is incredible. I have a feeling my first impression was from his Environmental Awareness series, which is surprising considering it takes quite a lot for me to get into these kinds of ‘political’ art. (Maybe that’s a lie – I’m a softhearted person to the point of being naive, sometimes…) But this kind of art falls in-between traditional, personal pieces and editorial work, I believe. But they are super strong. Maybe a little too textural sometimes (this is the point where I get picky), but his composition and design of each piece are very solid. In addition, the colors are sickening in more than one way – the putrid neutral purple, green, and yellows really give these a diseased feel. (And his skill at using such complicated color palettes is a surprise from his usual monochromatic pieces)

His other works are just solid. Super, super solid. I’ve taken just a few samplings here to whet your appetite to see more at his website, listed below the images (like normal). In all the pieces my favorite component is the drawing – he is clearly an incredible draftsman with an impeccable eye for design and solidity. With this very popular style of a combination of graphic shapes and highly-rendered details (such as faces), it is great to see an artist who just brings it all home – there is no mediocrity here at all, just pure talent and work.

BorisPelcer13-Byronic1 BorisPelcer13-Byronic3 BorisPelcer13-Byronic5 BorisPelcer13-WalterWhiteTNR BorisPelcer-AirPollution BorisPelcer-Deforestation BorisPelcer-DustBowl BorisPelcer-GarbageControl BorisPelcer-Overpopulation BorisPelcer-ToxicWater


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