Arnaldo Putzu



This guy was pretty hard to find much information on, despite his passing a little over a year ago (normally the internet implodes with information whenever anyone dies who was even mildly famous – but rarely anything besides a better worded Wikipedia article). I’ll give it my best shot here.

This seems to be an age where vintage and cult artists are finally getting their respect, and God am I happier for it. So many more publications and blogs and images and posters being circulated for inspiration and revitalization in the artistic market.  Its great! I love it! These perfect blends of graphic designs and spot-on rendering and draftsmanship makes me shiver with giddiness. They don’t call it “The Golden Age of Illustration” for nothing, you know. For me, it really was the first point that led the way, palpably, for most artists today – where you were expected to not only be the best, but perform professionally. This isn’t meant to insinuate that all artists have lost their professional practices, indeed the best ones have the ability to represent both their creative and business minded sides at the same time.

But Arnaldo Putzu was a pretty sought after Italian artist who was most famous for his work on the 007 films and on series which have been forgotten in time, such as “Get Carter” or “Carry On” films, along side other works like “Creatures the World Forgot” or “The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires” which both sound absolutely wonderfully dreadful.  But, at least his images live on – though this is about as close to a comprehensive, or at least visible, collection you can find online. There are many, many others but due to poor scans, poor resolutions, or much too small images (only for thumbnail purchases for online poster stores) it was next to possible to find any. But, for you all, I put the time into it. You’re welcome.

untitled 9d49f79bdd90c4c95c5e767b6906941c 10259902_10152520830128385_5477343785262324036_n 10372004_10152520817953385_195332197375676700_n 10424332_10152520806998385_3975956911231212924_n Arnaldo Putzu, frwl002 james-bond-casino-royale-italian-poster-giorgio-olivetti-david-niven james-bond-casino-royale-italian-poster-giorgio-olivetti-woody-allen-ursula-andress PutzuLI26


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