Song of the Sea – by Cartoon Saloon

From the same studio who brought us The Secret of Kells, you know, that enormously beautiful Irish tale filled with breathtaking colors, rhythmic lines and incredible design shapes, we now have the pleasure of seeing a second feature film – Song of the Sea. The story seems ‘similar’ enough, in the sense that it is also derived from an Irish folktale and is primarily surrounding children and mythology – but that is good news for me! So far it appears fan of The Secret of Kells will not be disappointed by Song of the Sea.

They also have an incredible, and I mean superb, blog detailing every process of the film production – from rendering to sound capturing to concept design. A MUST see for anyone who is interested in learning about how these films are actually made – yes, they really DO send someone out with a mic and record sounds of the oceans,  seagulls, trees blowing, etc.


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Want more? Click here for their youtube channel, with an obligatory link to more conceptual teasers.



2 thoughts on “Song of the Sea – by Cartoon Saloon

  1. Can’t describe how much I loved this film. It’s so beautiful to look at, as are the relationships between the characters, the scary lonely part when the children are sent away is very intense and I just cried buckets at the end. It’s just magical that children’s entertainment can be so good 🙂

  2. This looks absolutely stunning! I don’t think it has played in cinemas here – I’ve never heard of it before. I do want to see it though. 🙂

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