Lissy Marlin

I’ve recently gotten very enthusiastic about Twitter. I don’t know why – I abstained for so long on good intentions and for good reasons, but now that I am a little more forced to “be out there”, I have found Twitter to be a fun way to get connected. I also like the no hassle, stress free approach to getting live feed updates for hundreds of artists at once, so it makes signing online a little bit more interesting.

Lissy Marlin is one such artist who came across my feed a few times, (@LazyFish11) and a most recent sketch made me stop being such a passive participant in the creative circulation and actually post about her work.  (The sketch, unfortunately, is not here – follow her to find it!)

I think Lissy’s work is refreshing – not because it offers anything particularly new, but simply because it is so confidently and well done.  I don’t doubt, if given this level of finish and thought behind future pieces, that she will be a key player in many animated stories in the future. Her development for a 2013 project of The Girl and The Buffalo already looks like a movie I want to see – combining many industry standard techniques,  atmosphere and moods, interesting and authentic research and character gesture are super strong in her work. Some things are a bit lacking, like interesting character placement in her compositions, but all in all her work appropriately captures the essence and mood of a story and transports the character into that world, which is of course the most important.  It is really cool to see a production artist also use interesting research techniques – such as viewing Native American pottery for color swatches. You cannot fake authenticity!

564998_orig 1838412_orig 2041492_orig 3566471_orig 3930263_orig 5029263_orig 5620347_orig 9353920_orig


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