Sean Sevestre


As I’ve stated before, I am not always such a big fan of digital art. You’d think with my incredible nerdiness, including my affinity for sci-fi / fantasy art and collaboration between technology and art, that I’d be an easy sell. Nope. I think it is that there are way too many short cuts present in the digital world that work becomes stale. I hate noticing the stamp tool, a repetition of shapes over and over and the idea that having the right brush sets is the only thing keeping you away from a good piece. (In honesty, I hate this idea in traditional art as well, as if buying the right tools will suddenly make you a good artist!) Digital art has so many good points, its ease and accessibility some of the biggest advantages. I guess I just get bummed when I see artists taking shortcuts and losing the soul of the piece through their quest for better and quicker textures.

But, then there is Sean Sevestre.

This man is the Sergent of digital painting. I cannot make any of the claims that normally make me dislike digital art towards him – in fact, one of my favorite things in his pieces are his brush strokes and textures. But, they come together with all the other elements to create an entirely stimulating piece, instead of just focusing so much on shape design, masks, and brush work. He has compositions, perspective, drama, color theory, hard and soft edges, thickness, ugh – just everything about these are perfect. It is clear there are no shortcuts here – sure, tips or tricks, but this skill is the result of long hours spent practicing basics and moving forward step by step.  You don’t get this good overnight, or by downloading a new brush pack!

Seriously, its incredible. I am so happy to see art of this caliber being made anyways, anywhere in any medium, but I feel like Sean is really pushing the boundaries of the digital medium to a bigger and better place than I’ve seen done before.

tumblr_n2aa2c1ON51tqahslo1_1280tumblr_mzqe41obG31tqahslo1_1280 tumblr_mzqebwitvQ1tqahslo1_1280 tumblr_mzqecjpFaT1tqahslo1_1280 tumblr_mzrkswfCri1tqahslo1_1280  tumblr_n61evoONBH1tqahslo1_1280


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