Sergey Yuhimov – LOTR

Found these images from Tumblr, post below, from someone who had the original works as a child. They write of never appreciating them when young, but now that they’re older they have found their beauty to be worth sharing – and I am happy they did!

These works are over-saturated, strangely proportioned, oddly designed and magical.


I talk a lot on this blog about technical skills and the importance of draftsmanship, color theory, anatomy, and other traditional tools for art. But, to completely confuse matters (as art is, after all, a complicated world) I am showing you work now that so heavily relies on style that you get transported to their world by sheer necessity. It helps that we are all used to seeing this iconography from old Christian paintings from the Byzantine and Medieval eras, so our eyes are a bit more trained to relate to this style. But Yuhimov utilizes that expertly to his advantage, which gives these pieces a glowing, mystical feel to them. However, some of the pieces become quite dark and scary, which is something you don’t see as often (unless you begin counting works by later artists such as Bosch or Bruegel, which focus on Hell. But then I digress) and these pieces bring such narrative to their representation that you can truly say that they can get creepy.

tumblr_n5ku7gprSa1qd2mzdo1_400 tumblr_n5ku7gprSa1qd2mzdo2_500 tumblr_n5ku7gprSa1qd2mzdo4_500 tumblr_n5ku7gprSa1qd2mzdo5_500 tumblr_n5ku42BUPN1qd2mzdo5_500 tumblr_n5ku42BUPN1qd2mzdo7_250 tumblr_n5kuc59pR71qd2mzdo4_500 tumblr_n5kuc59pR71qd2mzdo6_500 tumblr_n6co85LgW21qd2mzdo2_500 tumblr_n6co85LgW21qd2mzdo3_500


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