Deep Dark Fears -Fran Krause

So, I love comics. And I love goofy comics. And I love this clever, simple, charming style that has gotten popular in the last 5 years. And,I love the oddities of people. And I love the way we can all kind of relate on really ridiculous levels.

For example:

I’ve always had a fear of getting my teeth knocked out when I drink at drinking fountains. This is the first time I’ve ever said it out loud, or heard anyone else really talk about it. But suddenly I was reading (all of) these comics and BOOM – there was an anonymous story about getting their face plunged into a faucet while drinking. Its so strange that we can all come to these common conclusions no matter where you are from. Is there a subconscious, collective fear of faucets that still hasn’t evolved out yet? I doubt it. But its still fun.

For awhile I was really into the blog Post Secret. Though I’ve outgrown my teenage angst years and, therefore, this site, I still find solace in the idea of sharing innermost ideas, stories, and fears with a large number of people.  PS seems to revolve solely around eating disorders, parental issues, and suicide and though this is a very important outlet for people suffering from these problems, it makes it a bit insufferable to browse through for those of us feeling nominally OK with our lives.

So, that is one reason I really enjoy the foundational idea of this project. People submit ghost stories, secret fears or other dreary topics anonymously (or knowingly) and artist Fran Krause illustrates them in this super charming fashion. And it works really, really well. The at-time terrifying (like the story of growing itchy, bug infested holes in your hands) story ideas and the cartoonish, innocent style really brings these child-like fears back to reality for our grown selves.  So, I think I’ll add this to my list of blogs to check out on Mondays.

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