Rednose Studio

In all my experience now of working in the arts, running this blog for numerous years now as well as running Blank Space and talking, reviewing, and curating art for a few years, it is very seldom that I actually see work that is truly unique. There are fads and impressions and influences everywhere that seep into nearly any piece of art you can find. Indeed,, in this digital day it is hard to be entirely different. n order to be completely unique and ‘un-spoiled’, be prepared to shut yourself off from all outside sources, no internet, no books, no TV – just go live in a cave, maybe. Then you’ll be unique! But, maybe not very good..

I’m not even saying that this artist does it – but damn, are they close.

Rednose Studios work is great because, when still, it is hard to imagine its origin. Is it an illustration? Is it an animation? 3D or stop motion? Looking at these pieces from all angles it is apparent that they are in mid-motion, but is that due to it being an actual still or a well characterized pose? After a little research we can see that they do both – still illustration and moving animation, but the fact that it is almost indiscernible is a wonderful, and unique, thing. Seeing this approach to animation as well, this illustrative and well composed image instead of a focus on the physics and movement, is also refreshing – it is captivating and magical to look at.

Good news, too. They sell both prints AND original sculptures / puppets from their features. Christmas is right around the corner, you know….

4271-RNS_TreeHouse_FINAL-lores 4456-RNS_HeroOf5Points_lo-res GreenLaw_shot6_STILL-LORES Red_Nose_Studio RedNose_ParisFashionWeek_lores rednosestudio RNS_CockroachHat


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