About the blog:

The Blank Space blog is a reincarnation of a previous project  formerly known as GetLost. The goal of this blog is to shed some light on how many phenomenal artists have existed, or do exist, across the world. So many people have dedicated their lives to art, and each have changed the art world a little by becoming a part of it. One of the best things about being an artist is the inspiration and motivation provided by other artists – art, in reality, is a forever changing community and the Blank Space blog is here to help everyone stay connected to it.

We also update periodically on what the gallery, studios, and classes have to offer at Blank Space. For more info on Blank Space’s  goals, head to our website (www.blankspaceoslo.com) or find us on social media (@blankspaceoslo)

About blankspace:

blankspace was founded for the sole purpose of bringing like minded people together – indeed, it is our dream to enlighten people that art isn’t exclusive, it isn’t only for people who are high society or rich in culture. Art is an awareness of the world around you, and studying art is studying the invisible connections that bind each thing and everything.

We hope to bridge the gap between art and viewer, artist and buyer. By educating the masses on both the simpler concepts and the intricate craftmanship required to make art, we hope to enlighten people that what we do isn’t easy. An artist is expected to always be “on”, even after work our minds do not let us stop drawing, painting, sculpting, designing, or whatever it is that each artist does. Our passion extends beyond  our canvas and into our love of the world.

Let us help you to see the world in its beautiful light.

For more info, please visit our website  www.blankspaceoslo.com

We are currently located at Turbinveien 3, Oslo 0195 in Kværnerbyen.

Simply take the #32 bus to Kværnerbyen, a 5 minute ride from Oslo S.
To view my own art, please visit: The Art of Liz Ramsey


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