Sterling Hundley to host 2-day workshop with Blank Space


In the beginning of October 2014 Sterling Hundley, creator of Blue Collar / White Collar,has agreed to host a special, one-time creative workshop for the Norwegian public, in collaboration with his new exhibition opening with Blank Space on October 3rd 2014. 

The workshop will focus on ideation and problem solving from direct observation. Students will utilize a sketchbook to complete assignments that requires the individual to seek a site specific experience, and will culminate in a critique. Mr. Hundley will lead the adventure himself while delivering lectures and leading discussions. This workshop is designed for passionate and enthusiastic students of all ages and levels.

Space is limited. For more details, contact Liz Ramsey at


About the exhibition:

The Spoils is a body of work that analyzes the validity of legend from the point of view of the vanquished, not the history drafted by the victor. The Spoils of Saint Hubris is a reinterpretation of the story of Saint Hubert, the patron saint of the animals and hunters. Legend tells that while hunting on Easter Sunday, Saint Hubert came upon God in the clearing, in the form of the white stag of Arthurian legend. Falling to his knees and vowing to give up his worldly goods, Hubert was blessed by God and later anointed the Patron Saint of animals and hunters by the Catholic Church.

 The Spoils of Saint Hubris tells another truth. Hubris chooses to take God as the ultimate trophy. The paintings included are from a larger body of work that speaks of apathy, loyalty and the consequences of man’s unending ambition and need to control that which should not be culled. Through the combination of traditional oil painting techniques and the geometry of digital art and screen printing, this The Spoils of Saint Hubris speaks to the clashing of science and nature; the precise and the organic.

 Sterling Hundley is an icon and a recognized advocate in his field. Co-founding The Art Department, a pinnacle of higher education for the visual arts, as well as being a key faculty member at Virginia Commonwealth University, the largest public art school in the USA, in combination with his extensive history of publications, collectors, awards and medals he is truly a treat to bring to the Norwegian public. He is also the focal point of the highly sought after  Blue Collar / White Collar, a 160 page introspective into his mind and process.